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a logo design image of "Olio de'Bardi" brand. A typographic logo design. Simple, clean, modern, trendy, minimalist logo design example. Text on the image says: "logo design for Olio de'Bardi"
Two bottles of oil, one seen just partial, the other one whole. Both have Olio de'Bardi sticker applied. Sticker on the closer bottle says "Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva, since 1914".
paper tag with "Olio de'Bardi" and "olio extra vergine di oliva" written on it




typographic logo design of "ambasiatore disoccupato", another writing on the image says "logo design for ambasciatore disoccupato"
a small bag on a chair, a writing on the bag says "ambasciatore disoccupato"
a black, torn, old T-shirt with a writing "ambasciatore disoccupato"




Typographic logo "Sorrisi - the best chocolate for you", another writing on the image says: "Brand identity for chocolate Sorrisi"
A stylized illustration of a girl leaning on a table and observing a plant growing, in the background are 5 other girls dancing
Brand Sorrisi packaging: a bottle, a cloth bag and a round box
Front: round Sorrisi chocolate box, in the background a computer with a Sorrisi website open





A presentation of a logo design for Studio Psacaropulo by Darka White.A piece of paper, on which is a typographic logo for Studio Psacaropulo, close to the paper is a clean art brush.Logo design for Studio Psacaropulo made by Darka White. Logo is on a window of an art store.




Logo design image for "Primo Palco". A typographic logo design
Primo palco logo applied on a T-shirt
Primo Palco logo on a board hanging from the door
Primo Palco logo on a seal above an envelope





a box with business cards with specific graphic design applied for Mizarstvo Makovec d.o.o brand




Three Iphones in a row displaying website design for Tada
Website design for TADA displayed on a tablet held in someone's hands
Website design for TADA displayed on a portable computer lying on a bed, next to the computer is a cup and a notebook
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